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“Camp for fathers and children” was held in Lankaran

With the financial support from the European Union, the support from the UN Population Fund and with the support of Forest School Azerbaijan, “Camp for Fathers and Children” have been held in Lankaran.

The main goal of the camp, which will last three days and is attended by up to 50 young fathers and children, is to support the establishment of healthy communication between fathers and children and to create conditions for them to spend a useful and fun time together.

During the camp, it is planned to hold trainings for fathers aimed at the proper establishment and guidance of family communication, sessions on gender equality, equal distribution of responsibilities within the family, and responsible fatherhood, as well as intellectual and fun games involving the joint activity of fathers with their children.

The camp is part of the “European Union for Gender Equality: Together against gender stereotypes and gender-based violence” program implemented by the UN Population Fund and the UN Women’s Agency with the financial support of the European Union, and the “Gender-based Action in the South Caucasus” implemented by the UN Population Fund.

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