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Fagan Huseynov



Fagan is a quality-oriented Education Manager with over 10 years of experience in the public and private educational fields. He is studying Master of Arts in Education and Human Development at George Washington University. Fagan is a National Geographic explorer and outdoor education leader with many years of experience in outdoor learning. He is the founder of Forest School Azerbaijan which provides an outstanding and unique outdoor educational approach for kids and adults in the country. He has also a strong experience in early childhood education management, education policy, content, and teacher development. He has a background in public education policy, government-level educational projects/programs, and staff management. He has worked in both private and public schools and has extensive experience working with children, parents, educators, and stakeholders in Azerbaijan’s rural communities.

He has graduated from and attended over 100 training and internship programs, conferences, and seminars in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He is an internationally certified facilitator and trainer in non-formal education. He is currently in charge of several local and international educational projects.

Fagan works for the Azerbaijan Tourism Board as the Head of the Division of DMOs and Regional Project Management Department.

Top Skills

Problem Solver98%
Idea Generator90%
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